“NCT” For the Dublin Marathon

The Dublin Marathon is only 16 weeks away!!! Go to http://www.dublinmarathon.ie for details. Most runners and joggers have started their preparation,but it’s still not too late. Some will aim to simply finish while others will aim for PBs, but the approach to training should be the same – focussed,measured, effective and safe!!.

Running a marathon is one of the most difficult and rewarding physical challenges most people will do. However,there are difficulties and uncertainties that can prevent people from achieving their goals.The popularity of running in Ireland has increased dramatically over the last few years s. Unfortunately, a parallel rise in the rate of running-related overuse musculoskeletal injuries has occurred.  Epidemiological studies have estimated overuse injuries of the lower extremity in recreational runners between 30 and 70% .

How To Avoid Injury and Pitfalls – The Basics

• Give yourself plenty of time 16 weeks – this allows the gradual increase in mileage and establishes a good aerobic base

• talk to or train with experienced marathon runners, with respect to all elements of training and race day hints and tips

• Don’t ignore injuries!!!. Go and see your chartered physiotherapist! There is usually always some sort of training you can do to maintain fitness in times of injury

• Recover,fuel and optimally hydrate.

How to Improve training and Optimise Performance

  • Prehab – in consultation with your chartered physiotherapist identify weaknesses early in training ad address them (flexibility, strength, muscle imbalances)
  • Incorporate an appropriate strength and conditioning programme to supplement your run training with progressive and appropriate loading of relevant muscle groups
  • Early identification of injuries/possible injuries – treat the cause!
  • Training for a marathon is not simply about “just running” – all elements of physical preparation are essential in order to ensure the best possible condition to face the challenge of a marathon

Barry Kehoe MISCP CSCS

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