Titanic Quarter 10 Km “Guest Blog” Race Review

I’m Jo and a friend/colleague of Barry’s. I frequently mock how seriously his blog writing is as its a very different persona to the big messer that I know, but he does take his exercise VERY SERIOUSLY. I am just after completing my first 10km and some of the very meager credit on offer can go to Mr Kehoe as he did devise a training regime for me which I intermittently stuck too, in fairness who wants to do interval training.

Titanic Quater 10 km

So basic facts, it was on Sunday (21/04/13) in Belfast. I ran all/most of it (who can drink water and run at the same time?) When people ask me about it the follow up question to ‘how did you go?’  is ‘what time you did it in?’ and to be honest it wasn’t about the time for me, though even I wasn’t very impressed by it!

But here are some more important figures to me

  1. the number of seasons -not quite  four in one day but hail showers to blistering sun is a bit extreme even for ‘da north’– hello global warming.
  2. The number of times I ran past the car park and seriously though about just sitting in the car- I mean who would know??? Due to the loopy route there were 4 serious screaming mental arguments with my weaker couch loving self.
  3. The number of people who passed me out, hundreds, I really though there was a good chance that I would come last, the number of people who I passed, 5, great motivational tool to pick a target and hunt them down – just call me Katniss.
  4. The number times I got a real boost from people either looping back shouting encouragement or marshals spurring you on, countless.
  5. It really surprised me the sense of community and bonding that comes from communal exercising, I mean this was in Belfast, one of the most divided places in the world; it was good for the heart to see. The number of life lessons, 2 that I’m prepared to share – if you want to achieve anything it’s a matter of just starting, sticking, and believing, and second the best way to know yourself is to push yourself to your edge, its character building which can only be good for you!


Next time and there will be a next time, I will do the interval training!


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