Music during Yoga

Music is really powerful, listening to music when exercising has been shown to increase the length of time you can exercise for, this is thought to be due to the mental distraction. When running with high tempo music you keep the pace of the beat with your cadence (no. of steps you take) and slow melodic music is well known to induce the same state when you want to relax and calm down.

But, music during yoga class? The jury is out, some practioners always use it, some never do, the range from ethereal to contempory songs. I recently went to a yoga class where poses were performed in time to high volume disco flavoured house music and I loved it! But then I like music. I like moving to music, dancing, I think it’s called! I love practising yoga with music. What I choose to listen to when practising depends on my mood. I don’t think there is a right or wrong here so my answer is, what ever works for you, if it helps you, then go for it; if it doesn’t help, don’t. Not a bad mechanism to make any decision in fact. There are lots of yoga compilations available from internationally renowned yoga musican/practioners, everything from rap thro disco to classical. The internet will be your friend, you will find something you love.

Below are some of my favourites and a few recommendations from friends.

Donna Summers ‘I feel love’

Ben Howard ‘Keep your head up’

Feist ‘How my heart behaves’

The Beatles ‘Here comes the sun’

Elbow ‘One day like this’

Lamb ‘Goreiki’

Or practically anything by Sigur Ros, the XX, Air or Beach house.

Jo Dowds




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