The Road to the Dublin Marathon (via Kildare)

Last weekend I went  to Kildare to run the inaugural Kildare thoroughbred 10km fathers day run. I’m trying to find runs that are close to home. They make the trip and the races easier, and the  rest of the day is free then to indulge in “self-righteousness” of having put a hard run in. I parked the car about a half mile from the start, the  run to the race was a perfect warm up. Registration was quick and easy and I headed to the start and lined up near the front rather  mostly by accident rather than design. the weather was perfect and I was reasonably familiar with the route –   which was reasonably flat and took in the beautiful surroundings of the Irish National Stud  ( After the first kilometre  I wasn’t feeling great, I had gone out too fast (for me) completing the first kilometre in 3min 34 secs.  I was tired and a bit worse for wear after the overindulging at the taste of Dublin 2 days previously – the mental battle began. Half way through 5KM I considered cooling off the pace . But I was surprised when I realised I hit the half way at 19min 14 and cranked it up a notch with the hopes of breaking 40mins.  It helped me get my head back in the run and I pushed on.  The last 2km were tough because I got caught between groups and ran alone, but made it to the line in a personal record of 39 mins 54 secs – not bad for a beginner…… The race course was great, the event was  fun and the food after at the food fair worth running for.

winning time 34min 33secs   Entry fee 20 euro (on the day) PR potential good

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