Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit…..

Guest blog courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP

Naively I used to believe everything I was told, my gullibility regularly got me into bother. I learnt a few lessons the hard way and adjusted.  Last week in an exercise class, the instructor while toned, talked a load of old twaddle. A bit of psychobabble when exercising can be helpful, who doesn’t love encouragement and support while working their quads.  Misdirecting scientific facts however drives me nuts, there is a responsibility for those educating to inform, not misled. Apparently a deep breath would help oxygen to wash out the intense burning pain sensation that was going on in my right butt check as a result of repeated lunges and squats – #fakenews. While the butt pain was just about bearable, the waffle offended. Like Jennifer Aniston says “here’s the science bit” – oxygen is carried by blood, blood supply is required to remove the metabolites which were causing the pain, they are by-products of work associated with increased muscle activity, the pain wasn’t going to stop until the muscle was allowed to partially or totally rest. Increased exposure to work will increase the muscles tolerance for these metabolites and help the blood supply work more efficiently to remove them. Simples. Taking it at its most harmless it was a distraction technique to prevent the weak i.e. me from giving in – fine. The danger is that others might well believe it and that doesn’t help them develop their ability to understand how to endure physical discomfort.  A confident demeanour and authoritarian tone of voice can get you far, particularly if you look good in lyrca. The nonsense that people spout regarding diet and exercise would rival the great orange tweeter in the west. The capacity to search the internet on any topic of your choosing will pull up numerous opinion pieces, some highly accurate fact based and some highly entertaining exercise fiction. There needs to be a level of discernment in the interpretation of the information you trawl through.  A range of opinions inspires healthy debate but the person reading, listening or viewing needs to apply a level of screening to the knowledge  they are taking in.Knowledge-is-knowing-tomato-is-a-fruitBelieving only what you observe, the flipside of believing all that you are told isn’t the way to go either. The journey from novice to expert in what ever field be it running, cycling, weight training, yoga or whatever, requires guidance. To my mind the middle ground is to be open, willing to learn facts, while asking  a sceptical  ‘really??’.

I do think you can learn from anyone, any discussion or any experience, positive or negative. The phrase ‘if you are the smartest person in the room you need to leave the room’ drives me mad. You don’t have to surround yourself with genii (that is the pleural of genius 😉 you can learn from anything. The desk I am sitting at, work (occasionally) happens here, dinner can be made or served here, coffee and chats are had here, fun can be had – the table is a consistently wooden object of a certain height but it is versatile. Look to your kitchen table for learning! Wisdom is what you want to acquire and that is the meaning you derive from the knowledge, how the facts can work for you. Linking philosophical musings to the function of inanimate objects is an instragram account waiting to happen, in this instance I am asking you to be like a sieve, separate the facts that you want from the nonsense that deserves to be discarded. Use the facts to generate your own wisdom.

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